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Reference ASpIRE Development and Development Test Sets
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ASpIRE Development and Development Test Sets was developed for the Automatic Speech recognition In Reverberant Environments (ASpIRE) Challenge sponsored by IARPA (the Intelligent Advanced Research Projects Activity). It contains approximately 226 hours of English speech with transcripts and scoring files.

The ASpIRE challenge asked solvers to develop innovative speech recognition systems that could be trained on conversational telephone speech, and yet work well on far-field microphone data from noisy, reverberant rooms. Participants had the opportunity to evaluate their techniques on a common set of challenging data that included significant room noise and reverberation.


The audio data is a subset of Mixer 6 Speech (LDC2013S03), audio recordings of interviews, transcript readings and conversational telephone speech collected by the Linguistic Data Consortium in 2009 and 2010 from native English speakers local to the Philadelphia area. The transcripts were developed by Appen for the ASpIRE challenge.

Data is divided into development and development test sets.

Audio is presented as single channel, 16kHz 16-bit Signed Integer PCM *.wav files. Transcripts are plain text tdf files. Scoring files are also included.

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