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Reference Swedish Telegraphese Corpus
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Computer corpus of Swedish telegraphese language (with English interlinears and translation), compiled by Elisabeth Ahlsén (Linguistics, U. Göteborg), and analyzed (tagged & translated) and finalized by Jussi Niemi.

The Swedish Telegraphese Corpus is the product of a cross-linguistic study of telegraphic language produced by normal adult subjects (university students) to describe a set of states of affairs. The responses were gathered in written questionnaire format, and the states of affairs to be described were held semantically identical across the languages studied. A selection of published studies of the project is listed below.

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Tesak, Jürgen, Elisabeth Ahlsén, Gábor Györi, Päivi Koivuselkä-Sallinen, Jussi Niemi & Livia Tonelli: Patterns of ellipsis in telegraphese: A study of six languages. Folia Linguistica 24: 297-316 (1995).
Niemi, Jussi, Jürgen Tesak & Päivi Koivuselkä-Sallinen: Telegraphic style and agrammatism in Finnish and German. In: L. Heltoft & H. Haberland (eds.), Proceedings of the Thirteenth Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics. Department of Language and Culture, Roskilde University (1996). Pp. 483 - 493.
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