Resource: Finnish Text Collection

Reference Suomen kielen tekstikokoelma
Date of Submission Oct. 9, 2014, 5:05 p.m.
Status accepted
ISLRN 796-404-093-031-8
Resource Type Primary Text
Media Type Text
Language Finnish
Size 645274 texts, 179556341 tokens
Access Medium accessibleThroughInterface, downloadable, hardDisk, accessibleThroughInterface, downloadable

The Finnish Language Text Collection (Suomen kielen tekstikokoelma) is a selection of electronic Finnish texts from the 1990s. The collection contains texts from newspapers, journals as well as books. All of the material is available for academic research use (ftc-a/sktp-a). A large part of the texts is also available for commercial use (ftc-b/sktp-b). All texts can be used on the Language Bank of Finland's software server, most of them also in the corpus query interface Lemmie in the Scientist's User Interface. The collection was compiled by the Institute for the Languages of Finland, the Department of General Linguistics of the University of Helsinki and the Foreign Languages Department of the University of Joensuu. Content details: License information: Lemmie interface: Downloading (only with a B license): Instructions for applying for access: The purpose of the resource use must be outlined in a research plan.

Version 2.0
Distributor University of Helsinki , CSC - Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus Oy CSC — IT Center for Science Ltd
Rights Holder CSC - Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus Oy CSC — IT Center for Science Ltd