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Date of Submission Nov. 21, 2018, 7:08 p.m.
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Avatar Education Portuguese was developed by the University of Pernambuco and consists of approximately 80 minutes of Brazilian Portuguese microphone speech with phonetic and orthographic transcriptions. The data was developed for Avatar Education, an animated virtual assistant designed to enhance communication and interaction in educational contexts, such as online learning.


The corpus contains 1,400 speakers (700 male, 700 female) who generated 1,400 utterances from read and spontaneous speech. Utterances were transcribed at the word level (without time alignments) and at the phoneme level (with time alignment labels).

The audio data was recorded at 16kHz (mono, 16-bit) using Pro Tools recording software and stored in flac compressed wav format. The acoustic environment was controlled for background conditions that occur in application environments.

Version 1.0
Creator Alexandre M. A. Maciel , Rodrigo L. Rodrigues , Danilo S. Barbosa
Distributor Linguistic Data Consortium
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