Full Official Name: ICE-GB (British English component of the International Corpus of English)
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:29 p.m.

ICE-GB is the British component of the International Corpus of English (ICE). ICE began in 1990 with the primary aim of providing material for comparative studies of varieties of English throughout the world. Twenty centres around the world are preparing corpora of their own national or regional variety of English. ICE-GB is fully grammatically analysed. Like all the ICE corpora, ICE-GB consists of a million words of spoken and written English and adheres to the common corpus design. 200 written and 300 spoken texts make up the million words. Every text is grammatically annotated, allowing complex and detailed searches across the whole corpus. ICE-GB contains 83,394 parse trees, including 59,640 in the spoken part of the corpus. ICE-GB has been fully checked. It was checked by linguists at several stages in its completion, using both a traditional 'post-checking' strategy and also by cross-sectional error-based searches. ICE-GB is distributed with the retrieval software ICECUP (the International Corpus of English Corpus Utility Program). ICECUP supports a variety of query types, including the use of the parse analyses to construct Fuzzy Tree Fragments to search the corpus.

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