Arabic dictionary of inflected words

Full Official Name: Arabic dictionary of inflected words
Submission date: Aug. 31, 2017, 5:53 p.m.

The Arabic dictionary of inflected words consists of a list of 6 million inflected forms, fully vowelized, generated in compliance with the grammatical rules of Arabic and tagged with grammatical information which includes POS and grammatical features, including number, gender, case, definiteness, tense, mood and compatibility with clitic agglutination. The data is formatted in conformity with the data formats of Unitex/GramLab, an open source corpus processing system for language processing. These data formats are publicly documented. The data can either be converted into user-specific formats, or be used directly with Unitex/GramLab. This dictionary is also available together with recognition of agglutinated clitics and inflection system in the ELRA Catalogue under reference ELRA-L0099. Authors: Alexis NEME et Eric LAPORTE

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