Full Official Name: FoxPersonTracks: a Benchmark for Person Re-Identification from TV Broadcast Shows
Submission date: April 22, 2015, 5:18 p.m.

FoxPersonTracks is a person track dataset dedicated to person re-identification. The dataset is built from a set of real life TV shows broadcasted from BFMTV and LCP TV french channels, provided during REPERE challenge (see REPERE Evaluation Package, ELRA catalogue:, ISLRN: 360-758-359-485-0, ELRA ID: ELRA-E0044). It contains a total 4,604 persontracks (short video sequences featuring an individual with no background) from 266 persons. The dataset has been built from the REPERE dataset by following several automated processing and manual selection/filtering steps. It is meant to serve as a benchmark in person re-identification from images/videos. The dataset also provides re-identification results using space-time histograms as a baseline, together with an evaluation tool in order to ease the comparison to other re- identification methods.

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