SPINA Corpus ("Robots Commands")

Full Official Name: SPINA Corpus ("Robots Commands")
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:31 p.m.

This German corpus contains read speech of 22 different speakers (6 male, 16 female). The corpus consists of 10 robot command sentences and 62 robot command words. Each speaker reads the whole corpus 5 times, except one speaker who reads the sentence corpus 16 times and the word corpus 51 times. The speakers were recorded at two different sites in Germany (University of Goettingen, University of Bochum).The corpus contains a total of 10,810 recorded utterances. All speakers are within the age of 25-30. Two speakers are non-native speakers. One file gives information about the speakers (speaker ID, recording site, sex).The task for the speaker was to read carefully but fluently. If an error occurred, the recording was interrupted by the supervisor and the sentence was repeated. The signal files are raw files without any header, 16 bit per sample, linear, most significant byte first, 16 kHz sample frequency. The orthography of the corpus is given in two distinct files which contain the prompted words and the prompted sentences as an ordered list.The recording conditions are as follows: Microphone:AKG acoustics, C414B-TL, condensator microphone omnidirectional, built-in attenuator and high pass filter switched off, distance to mouth 50 cm. Environment: Studio Quality, echo cancelled room, about 121 qqm Preamplifier: John Hardy, M-1 Sampling rate: 48 kHz to DAT recorder, filtered to 16 kHz Resolution: 16 Bit, most significant byte first The speech data were digitally filtered to 8 kHz cut-off frequency and downsampled to 16 kHz. The corpus consists of 1 volume, total size 266,361 KB uncompressed data. The signal of each utterance is stored in a separate file. Symbolic information like segmentations or labelling (e.g. Phonological Segmentation of words or Word Segmentation of sentences) are stored in files with the same prefix but with different extensions.

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