GLiCom Spanish Wordform list - Regular word-forms

Full Official Name: GLiCom Spanish Wordform list - Regular word-forms
Submission date: Nov. 2, 2015, 6:24 p.m.

GLiCom Spanish Wordform List v.1 is a computational lexicon of inflected wordforms in Spanish. Each entry has the following information: (i) lemma, (ii) morphosyntactic tag, and (iii) word type. This lexicon can be used in any application for Text Analysis in Spanish, in particular those in need for a lemmatizer, POS tagger, or Named Entity recogniser. This set consists of a subdivision of the full lexicon and contains the list of word forms only. For the full lexicon, see ELRA-L0095-01. The list of wordforms contains 1,152,242 entries, including (i) regular words (1,144,086), (ii) toponyms and anthroponyms (8,032), (iii) abbreviations and acronyms (775), and (iv) computational terms (124). Each entry consists of: form, lemma, morphosyntactic tag and the word type.

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