BabyEars Affective Vocalizations

Full Official Name: BabyEars Affective Vocalizations
Submission date: March 15, 2024, 7:48 p.m.

BabyEars Affective Vocalizations was developed by Malcolm Slaney, Gerald McRoberts, and Jocelyn Scheirer. It contains approximately 22 minutes of spontaneous English speech by 12 adults interacting with their infant children, for a total of 509 infant-directed utterances and 185 adult-directed or neutral utterances. Speech data was collected in a quiet room during a one-hour session where each parent was asked to play and otherwise interact normally with their infant (aged 10-18 months). A trained research assistant then extracted discrete utterances and classified them in three categories: approval, attention and prohibition. Emotional classes are indicated in the speech file names: ad (adult-directed or neutral), ap (approval), at (attention) and pr (prohibition). The audio data is presented as flac compressed, one or two channel, 22 kHz, 16-bit linear PCM.

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