French dictionary of definitions (SYNAPSE)

Full Official Name: French dictionary of definitions (SYNAPSE)
Submission date: Jan. 17, 2018, 11:11 a.m.

The French dictionary of definitions (SYNAPSE) was designed by linguists graduated in France with the objective of being used on digital media. Consequently: - definitions are provided on a linear format with a classification based on syntactic form (and not under a hierarchic form of senses), - definitions of each word sense are short and autonomous. It was built starting from 2007 with annual updates up to 2016. The dictionary contains: - 216,835 entries distributed as follows: 147,378 nouns, 80,552 adjectives, 24,001 verbs, 4,677 adverbs, 1,560 prefixes, 107 prepositions, 614 interjections, 147 pronouns, 42 conjunctions, 27 articles (one lexical entry may correspond to several morphosyntactic categories) - 309,078 definitions - 7,395 phraseological units (phrases) Grammatical information for each entry consists of: grammatical category, gender, number, inflected forms. This dictionary is provided in XML format together with its DTD. The following tags are used: <id:orth> entry word <idx:infl> morpho-syntactic category <idx:form> inflected forms of the category <information> contains the list of senses corresponding to the entry and related category <sense> <sense> may contain several tags: <definition> definition <in_other_register> link to one or several other entries which may be found at different language levels <style_comment> comments on the style. Value "nouvelle orthographe" (new spelling) is indicated when the entry word was created under 1991 reform. Abbreviation extensions are also given. <domain> domain level <register> context of usage, for borrowings or regionalisms <uppercase> entry word starting with an uppercase. Corresponding information needs to be related with the term starting with an uppercase. <alternative> spelling variant When tag <idx:infl> includes the "expressions" feature, it gives the following additional information: <syntagm> set expression containing the entry word <syntagm_definition> definition of the set expression tagged in <syntagm>

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