AIDA Scenario 2 Practice Topic Annotation

Full Official Name: AIDA Scenario 2 Practice Topic Annotation
Submission date: June 20, 2024, 10:44 p.m.

AIDA Scenario 2 Practice Topic Annotation was developed by the Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) and is comprised of annotations for 29 English, Russian and Spanish web documents (text, image and video) from AIDA Scenario 2 Practice Topic Source Data (LDC2024T04). The DARPA AIDA (Active Interpretation of Disparate Alternatives) program aimed to develop a multi-hypothesis semantic engine to generate explicit alternative interpretations of events, situations and trends from a variety of unstructured sources. LDC supported AIDA by collecting, creating and annotating multimodal linguistic resources in multiple languages. Each phase of the AIDA program centered on a specific scenario, or broad topic area, with related subtopics designated as either practice subtopics or evaluation subtopics. The Phase 2 scenario focused on the socioeconomic and political crisis in Venezuela since 2010. This corpus contains annotations for the set of practice documents designated for annotation in Phase 2. Annotations are presented as tab separated files in the following categories for each topic. Mentions: single references in source data to a real-world entity or filler, event, or relation. There are three mentions tables for each topic, one for entities and fillers, one for relations, and one for events. Slots: pre-defined roles in an event or relation filled by an argument (entity mention). There are two slots tables per topic, one for relations and one for events. Linking: entity mentions "linked" to entries in the knowledge base as a method of indicating the real-world entity to which an entity referred.

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