Full Official Name: KOTUS Swedish-Finnish Parallel Corpus
Submission date: Sept. 2, 2014, 10:33 a.m.

The corpus contains parallel texts in Finnish and Swedish. The texts have been linked semiautomatically at the sentence level. The translations have usually been made from Finnish into Swedish in Finland. Some texts may have been translated from Swedish into Finnish. For the most part the sentences in the text files run in their original order, but not always, and some sentences in the original texts may be missing from this corpus. The corpus is therefore primarily to be seen as a collection of sentence pairs without context. The paragraph division of the source texts has not been preserved. All types of text elements (headers, bylines, captions) are tagged as sentences. Some sentence elements contain more than one orthographic sentence. Texts have been extracted form the Finnish legislation (http://www.finlex.fi and http://www.eduskunta.fi). Texts containing economic reports and press releases have also been gathered from various companies in Finland. The quality of the texts varies.The purpose of the resource use must be outlined in a research plan.

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