GVLEX tales corpus

Full Official Name: GVLEX tales corpus
Submission date: Feb. 18, 2015, 6:09 p.m.

GV-LEX (Geste et Voix pour une Lecture Expressive – "Gesture and voice for an expressive reading") is a project funded by the French ANR within the call "Contenu et Interaction" in 2009. GVLEX tales corpus was built to carry out research and development studies on automatic analysis of (written or spoken) tales for expressive voice and gesture synthesis. The corpus consists of: • 89 written tales, manually annotated in structures, speech turns, speakers, phrases, 7 of which were annotated by 2 human annotators (96 annotated texts in total) • 12 tales read by a professional. These tales were recorded and annotated manually so as to tag elements that indicate expressivity, as well as the signal/transcription alignment that enabled to proceed with acoustic analyses. The provided data include audio files. Forced alignments between signal and manual transcriptions (produced within GV-LEX) are also provided in the TextGrid format • Annotation and viewing software developed within the GV-LEX project

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