Penn Korean Universal Dependency Treebank

Full Official Name: Penn Korean Universal Dependency Treebank
Submission date: June 30, 2023, 11:17 p.m.

Penn Korean Universal Dependency Treebank contains 5,010 sentences and 132,041 tokens annotated in dependency format under the Universal Dependencies framework. It is a conversion of Korean Treebank Annotations Version 2.0 (LDC2006T09) which was produced in constituency format. In general, dependency grammar is based on the idea that the verb is the center of the clause structure and that other units in the sentence are connected to the verb as directed links or dependencies. This is a one-to-one correspondence: for every element in the sentence there is one node in the sentence structure that corresponds to that element. In constituency or phrase structure grammars, on the other hand, clauses are divided into noun phrases and verb phrases and in each sentence, one or more nodes may correspond to one element. The source text is newswire stories from the Linguistic Data Consortium's Korean Press Agency collection contained in Korean Newswire (LDC2000T45). Sentences were automatically converted for dependency annotation; the output was manually checked.  The corpus contains 112 files in CoNLL-U format, the Universal Dependencies standard, with a mapping to their counterpart in LDC2006T09.

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