Full Official Name: CroaTPAS
Submission date: Feb. 3, 2023, 4:46 p.m.

CroaTPAS (Croatian Typed Predicate Argument Structures) is a bi-lingual lexicon in Croatian and English. It was created by manual annotation from the Croatian Web as Corpus and pattern creation using the Skema editor on the Sketch Engine platform. CroaTPAS is tailor-made to represent verb polysemy and currently contains a total of 683 patterns (belonging to 180 Croatian verbs) expressing different verb senses and 22.677 annotated corpus lines. Moreover, the resource includes 109 metonymic sub patterns linked to 1112 corpus lines featuring 62 different metonymic shifts. To evaluate the resource both in terms of identified Croatian verb senses, and of the English descriptions explaining them, an online survey based on a multiple-choice sense disambiguation task was devised, pilot tested and distributed among respondents following a snowball sampling methodology. Answers from 30 respondents were collected and compared against a yardstick set of answers in line with CroaTPAS’s sense distinctions. Jaccard similarity index was used as a measure of agreement. See also:

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