Qatari Corpus of Argumentative Writing

Full Official Name: Qatari Corpus of Argumentative Writing
Submission date: May 2, 2022, 9:20 p.m.

<h3>Introduction</h3> <p>Qatari Corpus of Argumentative Writing was developed by <a href="">Qatar University </a>, <a href="">University of Exeter </a>, and <a href=""> Hamad Bin Khalifa University</a> and is comprised of approximately 200,000 tokens of Arabic and English writing by undergraduate students (159 female, 36 male) along with annotations and related metadata. Students were native Arabic speakers and fluent in English; each student wrote one Arabic and one English essay in response to specific argumentative prompts. They were instructed to include in their essays a clear thesis statement supported by relevant evidence.</p> <h3>Data</h3> <p>The corpus is divided into Arabic and English parts, each of which contains 195 essays. Part-of-speech annotated files are included with the essay text. All text files are in UTF-8 encoded text format.</p> <p>Metadata is comprised of information about the students (gender, major, first language, second language) and information about the essay texts (serial numbers of texts, word limits, genre, date of writing, time spent on writing, place of writing). Metadata is presented in UTF-8 encoded CSV format.</p> <h3>Samples</h3> <p>Please view this <a href="desc/addenda/LDC2022T04.txt">text sample (TXT)</a> and <a href="desc/addenda/LDC2022T04.tag.txt">annotation sample (TXT)</a>.</p> <h3>Updates</h3> <p>None at this time.</p>

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