ArabLEX: Database of Foreign Names in Arabic (DAF)

Full Official Name: ArabLEX: Database of Foreign Names in Arabic (DAF)
Submission date: April 7, 2022, 2:48 p.m.

This database is part of the ArabLEX set of data which consists of the Database of Arabic General Vocabulary (DAG), Database of Arabic Place Names (DAP), Database of Foreign Names in Arabic (DAF) and Database of Arab Names (DAN) available from ELRA under references, respectively, ELRA-L0131, ELRA-M0105, ELRA-M0106 and ELRA-M0107. This full-form database covers non-Arab personal names in both Arabic and English, some Arabic script variants, vocalized or unvocalized formats, as well as inflected and cliticized forms. The precise phonemic transcriptions and full vowel diacritics are designed to enhance Arabic speech technology. This database is provided with 3 options: 1) proclitics, 2) phonetic information (CARS) and 3) orthographic variants. Subsets excluding some of the 3 proposed options may be provided upon demand. CARS is an accurate phonemic transcription. Optionally, phonetic transcriptions, IPA and/or SAMPA, can be provided, fine tuned to a customer's specifications. Quantity and size: 226,784,907 lines / 32,181 MB (31.4 GB) File format: flat TSV text files

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